Managing Editor

Mohammed Kanneh, Managing Editor

Unassumingly, the humble character of a young and enterprising Liberian from the country’s inherent indigenous stock contrived the idea of; reckoned creativity and model the accentuation of a dream come true, Bill Gates is arguably a product of an unpredictable beginning whose name has become a household factor in the Information Communication and Technology Age.

Marconi least expected the dramatic turn of events in the radio broadcast legacy for he was at the center of an invention that thrilled humankind. Most successful business executives the world over carry accolades of remarkable distinctions. No expert or researcher has ever tried to explore the unknown about the ladder to success although pundits continue to propound various theories.

Peru’s former President-Alahandro Toledro uniquely attained an exceptional climb to prominence-that saw the one time “shoe-shine boy” emerged to become his country’s Central Bank Governor and later President.

The man, comrade, Journalist, Businessman and Patriot Mohammed M. Kanneh, Sr. rose through the ranks and files in the Newspaper industry. Mohammed M. Kanneh, Sr. is ingeniously a success story. He is the youngest Media Executive of our time who has consistently worked and reworked the strategies to make Heritage Communication System Inc. a towering possibility.

Heritage became a victim of tyranny at its best; Liberia was turmoil; Press Freedom determined at the behest of a despot; resilience became the armor of confidence and professionalism. The charisma, wit and indomitable spirit of an unenviable shrewdness permeate the conduct and tendency of so simplistic and approachable figure.

A product on one of Liberia’s favorite and prestigious Secondary Institutions of learning (William V. S. Tubman High School-Monrovia), Mohammed M. Kanneh, Sr.- zealous about the pursuit of greater knowledge and better life enrolled into Liberia’s premier University. It was not all rosy but spectacularly Mohammed emerged upbeat, determined and focused.

For this man, it is about getting done the priorities and setting down when workload had to be effectively shouldered. He thinks, reasons, analyzes and entrepreneurs Heritage’s unassailable lead as a credible media outlet.

The trappings of Liberia’s civil war impacted severely and sent shivers down the spines of all Liberians. Quitters fearfully quit but pragmatist and realist like Mohammed M. Kanneh, Sr. is unwavering-stands astute as he tempestuously steers the course for a meaningful and unique media empire.

In the ordinariness of Mohamed M. Kanneh, he refrains from a pattern of vague and empty scholarly engagements. The Heritage Managing Editor has emerged a team builder and a concrete fortress of disproportionate dimension in media circles. He is an embodiment of true team spirit who is aggressively uncompromising.

Heritage is maturely and meticulously-run as a corporate entity. The ultimate focus of news-gathering and presentation remain unbeatable in view of the public interest. Corporate growth for sustainable realization towards a vibrant media empire of world-class stature remains a dream-although he confidently believes it is realizable.

A sense of responsible banking culture has been instilled into its personnel. Mohammed anticipates a loan scheme in the future that would enable personnel to undertake personnel-driven projects amid improved standard of living. Heritage has unimaginably become a pace-setter due to the acumen of a visionary cum less-talking but action-centered Liberia entrepreneur.

Mohammed M. Kanneh is a no nonsense personality; intrinsically respectful, humbly attuned and imaginatively engrossed. Don’t be mistaken to define Heritage Managing Editor by intermittent emotional outburst. Heritage is treading a constructive path as a gloomy aura of possibilities gravitate towards the maneuver of a group of dedicated Liberians who have vowed to independently and objectively impact on the media landscape. Comrade Mohammed Kanneh is an inevitable media magnet by Liberian standards. Only a small push- as destiny waits to embolden a new page in a dramatic horizon for a prosperous future.

Building institutions singularly in Liberia requires a multiplicity of temperature, endurance and firm spirit de corps- and Mohammed Kanneh is solidly a reflection of attributes that culminates into shining star of reputable inventiveness. As a media personnel who saw a brother scarred and intimidated by the tyrannical witch-hunt of journalists-he was unperturbed and courageous challenged the status quo whenever.

Mohammed Kanneh assumed a posture with valor unpretending to effectively contribute to the quest of press freedom and greater democratic role and involvement in the country. Heritage is pragmatically non-partisan an apolitical but symbolizes a legacy for true freedom and justice for the men and women struggling daily to ennoble the Liberian media landscape.

Mohammed Kanneh commenced his feat in this trade from the most rudimentary level. He tussled like many others in his kick-start approach from the corridors as a “Newspaper Vendor” – although he remained purposeful. This is a character who understands all of the inner workings of the Newspaper Industry. Mohammed Kanneh is an extra-ordinary star behind the camera, which he uses with great skills and aptly gets the pictures that matter.

As a team player, he focuses on getting the results. Geniuses can be factored in many forms. Mohammed M. Kanneh typifies a youthfully gregarious and entrepreneurial genius. His style of getting the results is anchored along the rationale of a commonsense application. The Heritage Managing Editor is not an empty sophistication freak but is inherently an organizational person. He thinks through problems in search of solutions like an ace mathematician mesmerizing a freshman class with methods, approaches, steps, modules, etc.

As Liberia moves towards a democratically progressive media landscape-Heritage continues to snowball credibility, ethics by maintaining its sacred role in presenting the news free of slant and unfettered. Mohammed Kanneh is propelling a tacit and purposeful inclination towards organization growth and development.

In Heritage, we find that the “Truth Remains the Guide of dedicated and nationalist-inclined Liberians”.


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