Reaffirming our Commitment for the New Year

We want to again reaffirm our commitment to our many readers both home and abroad as well as the world at large that we will   remain unbending  in the execution of our  noble task in the New Year-2013.

As in the past, we will strive  to provide accurate, objective information on issues at home and broad, and to promote unfettered freedom of expression and of the press, contribute to human growth and development and champion human rights as well as advocate for a safe environment, the reasons for which-The Independent Authoritative Heritage Newspaper came into existence in 1996.

Our reaffirmed commitment is embedded in Our Mission Statement- The Truth Is Our Guide. While we sincerely acknowledge some of our constraints in the discharge of our professional task, we will accept constructive criticisms in the enhancement of our  work. But we will categorically reject criticisms that have to do with settling of scores-no benefit to the Liberian people and the world at large we serve.         

We will remain ever vigilant in our quest to inform, educate and entertain Liberia, Africa and the world. We will not be deterred by people, who use economic power, to do their bidding. They can withdraw their support if they chose to do so.

Yet, we have consolation in the support—be it moral, financial or otherwise—we continue to get from our people, the Liberian people, and the rest of the world that truly sees our patriotism and our passion to see our nation-state unshackled from bad governance, especially fraud, waste and abuse—unpalatable enemies of development, good governance and realistic social change. We will expose those who think they can make everybody kowtow to their roguish, corrupt ways at the expense of the majority. We will damn the governors when the need arises; we will, equally, give them their kudos when the occasion demands.

We will fight those who prey on the ignorance, innocence and fear of Liberians. We will fight those who think public service is a leeway to wealth accumulation. We fight for decency. We fight for accountability. We fight for patriots—real patriots, the few good men and women who want to see this country move ahead; who want to see our people beat poverty, crush ignorance and overcome disease.

We will fight those who still harbor deep-seated grudges and vengeance for a land they so much exploited and impoverished for many years and have returned to do business as usual. Time has changed. The people and land have changed, too. We are on the side of truth and justice. We will always win. We will win today; we will win tomorrow just as we won yesterday.

So take away your support for not dancing to your immoral tunes; take away your support for not clapping for your conspiracy to amass wealth illegally and immorally. We do not care. We have never cared, anyway, for unprincipled men; men who take pride in other people’s suffering. We have no pride in dealing with con-artists and thieves. We rather remain poor and are respected than get rich while our country and people bleed from the unscrupulous actions of few unpatriotic, self-centered men whose only aim is to connive with foreign unscrupulous, self-styled business people to exploit the land and give the people a barren, wasteland.

We will   protect our people. And our land. For our children and children’s children. For posterity! We will not allow this to happen—never, never again. History is our guide and our solace. And history is not kind to those who knowingly repeat past mistakes, especially if they were part and parcel of those orchestrated events, misrule or oppressive events. Our crusade is a vision for Liberia and for humanity. We have not, then, and we shall not, now, betray the struggle, trust and confidence of Liberia, Africa and the rest of the world in our quest to contribute to human growth, development and integration.

This is our pledge to you — yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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