Prevent The Looming Disaster

Startling revelation that the ELWA Community risks being wiped away from the surface of the earth, if sand mining on beaches in the area continues uncontrollably, has claimed our attention.

For us, we consider this revelation as very disturbing and worrisome because it has to do with lives and properties. The revelation was made by acting Lands, Mines and Energy Minister, Madam Betty Lamin Blamo, when she addressed the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) weekly press briefing recently.

Acting Minister Blamo cautiously warned that most of the properties in the ELWA Community would be wiped away in the shortest time if the ministry does not take the necessary steps to stop the continued sand mining.

However, as a way of addressing the situation, she disclosed that the Government of Liberia (GoL) has since ordered the closure of several sand mining sites, including the one situated in Zorkeh Town, ELWA Community. While we commend the GoL for taking measure to address what appears to be a looming disaster in the ELWA Community, we challenge the government to match its action with deeds not words only.

Our challenge to the government in this regard is a result of privileged information available to us that some unscrupulous individuals are still carrying out sand mining in those areas ordered closed by the government. The government, we urge, must not allow those unscrupulous individuals for their self gains continue sand mining at the detriment of the people of ELWA Community.

We further encourage the government to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that its order is adhered to the letter.
By doing so, we believe, the apparent looming disaster over the ELWA Community as a result of continued sand mining could be averted.

To this end, we again commend the government for the measure taken, but challenge it to advert the looming disaster.


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