Please help save the life of a dying man

On Monday, February 25, 2013, we published a back page story in which we highlighted a distressed call  by an ailing man.

Mr. Peter Dehdyugar, 44, a resident of the Gorzohn Community in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, we reported, is seriously suffering from a mysterious growth beneath his left ear that is spread to his neck, a situation that is increasingly becoming unbearable for him.

Mr.  Dehdyugar, who was quoted by a press release, lamented that he is dying slowly because he does not have money to seek medical treatment.

The  victim, further quoted by the press release, cried that he barely eats because  of the growth and needs not less than US$650 to remove it.
He recalled that his appalling situation started since 2004 when he developed a loop in his left jaw.
In consideration of his terrible condition, we also call on all health related organizations, humanitarian institutions, the Bassa Legislative Caucus, the Liberian Government, the United Nations and all multinational organizations as well as philanthropic groups to help him seek medical attention as early as possible.

Judging from Mr. Dehdyugar’s present health condition,  which is depicted by a   photograph, the growth could claim his precious life if he  does not seek medical attention urgently. Truthfully,  Mr. Dehdyugar is dying slowly and  needs urgent medical attention so as to bring relief to him.

It is our ardent hope that our call will be heeded and in a timely manner. Please help save the life of  Mr. Dehdyugar.


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