Revisiting the past at MPW - An eye witness account of Kofi Woods’ tenure vis-à-vis clarification of falsehoods

It is often said that when the past is forgotten, the future would most likely be mismanaged. And when the past is misinterpreted and misunderstood, the future stands at risk.


Did Ellen condemn er “milestone achievements”?

Prior to her reelection, Liberia and Africa first female President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf referred to her government’s achievements in the road sector as a milestone achievement.


I believe in Liberia

Before I left for Africa, in a time that seems like a lifetime ago, I spent my last night in the United States on a quiet beach at night, alone with my thoughts gazing across a great and wide sea. Beneath heaven itself on the east coast of Florida, I thought of the journey I was about to take to a place I have dreamt of all my life.


Citizen’s patriotic role vs the Liberian government’s responsibilities to its citizens: The case of the 4 shot Liberians in Turkey

Following the trend of recent events relative to the four Liberians who were shot in Turkey vis-à-vis the Liberian Government’s responsibilities to its citizens, I have personally drawn two key impressions from this particular scenario.


50% Margibi residents benefit safe drinking water from Living Water Int’l

The provision of safe drinking water for most of the world’s population in the 21st Century has become a gripping issue for international organizations and some governments of the world, as people of developing countries like Liberia are still lacking behind in said direction.



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