We must cultivate a spirit of patriotism during this HLP conference

Fellow Liberians, Liberia our beloved country is about to make history again—not negative history but positive history. I make such notation because we as a country and people have made history in negative ways as well as positive ways too, but I leave that with the pages of history to tell the stories.

Fellow citizens, I draft this little piece declaring to you that our moment as a nation has come and we must together seize it and substantially maximize it to the benefit of our country. The moment to reclaim Liberia’s future is here. The moment to remake our country is here and the moment to rewrite our appalling, preposterous and condescending history has arrived.

There can be no other time in the post conflict history of this country where we can tightly and firmly hold together in one accord and one voice order than this time when our nation, that was once condemned and categorized as ‘Pariah State’ and its people described as ‘zombies’ by western intellectuals, is about to host the world’s biggest forum in recent time.

My dear people, I am speaking about the United Nation High Level Panel (HLP) conference that is about to take place in Monrovia from January 28-Feburary 3rd, 2013. Global Leaders and topnotch personalities from across the world are in route to Monrovia to grace and honor this conference. In fact, some have already arrived, this writer has gathered.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will also receive and host her two Co-Chair colleagues on the HLP in persons of British Prime Minister David Cameroun and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono all of whom would jointly preside over the conference and lead the discussions regarding setting fresh development agenda for the entire world beyond 2015(post 2015 MDGs) as mandated by the United Nation (UN).

The hosting of this extraordinary conference on our shores is certainly an enviable achievement any country will opt for. The selection of President Sirleaf as one of the Co-chairs of such high level Panel of distinqished and globally esteemed leaders and personalities is something any President world-wide would hope for and even lobby for but President Sirleaf was chosen based on her unmatchable character and the international reputation she brings to bare coupled with the responsible manner in which she has equated and conducted herself as president of Liberia. I am in deed pride of this president as she continues to put Liberia on the ‘Red Carpet’ since she became President in 2006.

Indeed, this is something we as Liberians must be pride of and generally celebrate for the glory of such achievement is shared by every Liberian despite our political, religious and socio diversities.

Citizens and comrades, this is the time for us to standup together as one people demonstrating to the world that in spite of our political differences and maybe our long standing cleavages, we can yet rally behind our President when it comes to the national cause and the forward march of our country.

It is time for the Liberian media, civil Society organizations, Political Parties et al’ to wear the jacket of patriotism like the Ghanians, Nigerians and the Americans will do in times like these. It’s time to promote Liberia in the eyes of our strangers and not time to spew negative messages about the Country and its Government.

We must cultivate a spirit of oneness and nationalism during this HLP conference. We must demonstrate to the world that the selection of President Sirleaf meaning Liberia is selected to represent the African continent on such high level panel is well-deserved by the way we conduct ourselves during this conference.

Yes, our moment has come! Our country is rising and is truly getting better as in the words of Talk show Host Mamadee Diakete. We have to seize it together people despite what…

How I wish I was in Liberia to witness this historic occasion but my ailing eyes would not permit me. However, my prayers are with you all back home. It is my prayer that we all will conduct ourselves favorably as we host our strangers from far and near and that God the almighty will watch over our nation during and after this global gathering.

I am exceedingly excited about this conference being held on the Liberian soil because it provides us a lofty opportunity to expose the beauty of our country to the world. It will clear the doubt of many that Liberia has found peace and has turned the corner and ready for business. This conference will significantly connect our country to the outside world as a nation emerging from the gutters of calamites to the buoyancy of new hopes, genuine peace and tranquility.

A Nation where its people are rebuilding their shattered lives despite chains of post conflict challenges. This conference will build confidence in the minds of foreign investors to increase investments into Liberia which would invariably offshoot foreign direct Investment in our struggling economy. In short, the multiplying effects of such conference cannot be measured as it open the doors for Liberia many ways my people.

Even Liberians here in the United States where I am currently seeking medication on my eyes are upbeat about such big conference being held in their country, so back home, I admonish you all to claim this conference as the moment for Liberia and Liberians, as a perfect opportunity to showcase our rich diversity to the outside world and a moment for once, we can put Liberia first.

Finally, I wish you all back home well as you gear up for the HLP conference and entreat you to rally behind President Sirleaf as she receives and hosts her Co-chair colleagues of the HLP and the scores of global dignitaries that are trooping on Monrovia to honor this conference.

Indeed, it’s time to cultivate a spirit of patriotism as we host our strangers joining us for the HLP Conference.
Bravo mama Liberia!!


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