Mountain of Garbage Resurfaces in Monrovia: Mary Broh’s “Hit Squad” Challenged to Sweep our Streets

MONROVIA: The Liberian legislature became dogged by a furore of acrimony over the sacking of former Acting City Mayor, Mary Broh based on mere trivialities. Gen. Broh became a sacrificial lamb as it were. But Liberians had soon forgotten that the city uncharacteristically experienced a 360° turn around in tidiness. Gen. Broh successfully mobilized thousands of men and women who rose to the occasion to make their capital environmentally appealing.

Folks, our view arguably were diverse in terms of the somewhat unorthodox manner Madam Broh conducted business. How could we change a messy city inhabited by our own kind by allowing a pretty difficult group of people to simply have their way. No, we cannot have our cake and eat it. Sometimes drastic pain requires drastic pain killer. In the end it was about the end justifying the means folks. Hey, would anyone treat a typical public nuance who chooses to openly urinate in the street with decorum? Think about it!

Prior to Gen. Broh’s arrival on the scene – the city of Monrovia was nothing to write home about. Filth had engulfed the city. Slum communities and our streets were all littered with mountain cum piles of refuse all over the place. No one needs any special scholarly intervention about the ripple on effect caused by the rubbish that had taken over Africa oldest independent capital city. Hmm!

Comrade Ledgerhood Rennie – while stringing for the BBC, as we would recall as information-conscious people; the world was informed about the terrible state of Liberia environmentally unfriendly capital. The names calling seemed unimaginable. Some of our leaders on Capitol Hill had forgotten so soon folks. Yes, the human waste that was inundating the city prior to Gen Broh’s arrival on the scene fizzled away. Our problems about garbage had been solved in their small thoughtfulness. Mary Broh’s role had become untenable as it were. Crucify here on Golgotha like they did to Jesus. The Lord Jesus disciplined people who had gone to the Synagogue to gamble. Morality was at cross-roads. He didn’t say because I am the Christ – I will pray for these sinful elements.

No one is saying Monrovia did not have Mayors before Gen. Broh. Ghanaians are indeed diverse but objective about the inroads of former President John Jerry Rawlings. While it is true he might have come to power through a repressive military arrangement – after the end had justified the means – the trappings of the history of a new and emerging modern Ghana cannot be written without mentioning such a revolutionary character folks. Oh yes, we were longing for a change for the better. But let he who cherishes garbage be the first to raise a hand. The “hold your nose and pass lavatories on Capitol Hill” remain nothing to write home about. Where are those fingers? Raise them, stupid dummies!

Apparently, our lawmakers are comfortable with the obtaining situation that begets a messy capital city. If they are supposedly, the good people of Liberia detest that at all cost. Are they intent on increasing the health budget to send all the people of this country owing to mounting filth? What would be the point after scores of Liberians fall ill and are subject to forced relocation at our cemeteries?  The Liberian people will clap for them for being true leaders while they allow their constituents to die due to sheer tolerance of filthiness.

We are not saying and we dare say that not one Liberian is more qualified to make a hard working Mayor of Monrovia folks. Gen. Broh came to City Hall with a passion to clean up our mess. For years we have misled ourselves as being a bunch of civilized people. That was mistaken! We are some God damn wretched people. We have been waiting for the government to come and clean our homes. We have been foolishly stock-piling rubbish before our homes and in our communities as though we are inanimate objects. This was indicative of our carelessness to invite all form of illness to mainly our children – whose deaths we seem to blame on “witchcraft”.

Someone stepped forward – a lady whose patriotism and altruism we measure as impeccable in real time. If there is one Liberian who has been so passionate about turning Monrovia into an acceptable cum environmentally friendly city – our only reference would be Mary Broh. She mobilized people that she inspired into serving their country altruistically. As early as 4:30a.m., those committed women and men who devote their precious time to sweeping our streets were already out and about in Monrovia.

Madam Broh’s hit team seemed happy when the ax finally fell but what are reeling from at the moment? Today, we are compelled to grapple with a dirty, nasty, flies-infested and stench ridden city. Does anyone really care? Broh critics have argued that she is not the only Liberian with such passion as it were – but that does not seem to hold any water. Those who have been selfishly crusading that “Broh must go”! They drive around in their tainted four-wheel drive vehicles. They don’t give a damn about the ordinary Liberian on the street. Whether the city is kept kempt and tidy does not really concern them.

In this case, who is or are more patriotic? The politicians on Capitol Hill who have been duly elected by the people are ironically not representing the peoples’ interest. It is the challenge of “They versus the electorate”. Mind you, they were empowered by the popular will of the people to serve the strategic and reasonable interest of the governed.  The people apparently are considered to be ‘foolish’! But the electorates have a way of paying those who underperform in their own currency. Ask for the result from the 2011 polls and someone will be forced to get some proper tutorials. Do our politicians learn? Not that we could surmise to know about.

We do have a serious crisis on hand folks. What is that supposed to mean? There is a looming environmental crisis as it were. Will the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rise to the occasion in view of what we should expect? The PEA’s role is purely regulatory! They have got absolutely nothing to do with appointing or electing a Mayor for Monrovia or any city within our jurisdiction. The EPA can warn the government about a potential danger and steps we as a country can take to mitigate any calamity.

The solution realistically speaking is for our compatriots on Capitol Hill bury their pride, bow their heads in shame and ask Gen. Broh to come and serve her country dutifully. This is the only way out folks.



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