Will Liberia Be Liberia Again?

Will Liberia be Liberia again
Will it be the star it used to be
Will it be the pasture once of grain
Craving a hungry soul to feed

Will Liberia be the vision the visionaries visioned
Will it be the provident land once of dreams
Where never patriots pirate nor despot fashion
That a child be bruised by one of fame

Will Liberia be again a land of freedom
Honored with no false nationalistic diadem
Will it be a land where chances abound
And justice for all advanced

Will Liberia be again a land of rectitude
Where reward for labor not given in platitude
Brotherhood not broken by latitude
And respect comes not by fortitude

Will Liberia be Liberia again
A land where possessors possessed possessions
Seekers of liberty flowed to its fountain
To drink with hearty passion

Will Liberia be Liberia proper
Where our mountains, diamonds, oil, forest, rubber
Put us not asunder
Even if we’re yonder

Will Liberia again be Liberia
Where we need not dehumanize to harmonize
Where we need not break down before we build up
Where we need not slay a leader to elect one
Where the Lone Star need not fall before we defend it
Where we need choose grace over disgrace
Where we will realize that our choices in life determine our future.


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