A tribute to Frank Seator

Farewell unto a real national hero, farewell Frank Seator
While here in the land of the living, on the playing pitch, you were a real conductor
In all fairness, in the world of football, you deserve to be remembered as a soccer doctor

Farewell, Frank Seator Farewell                      
You lived your life so very well
Your contributions to your nation still ring a bell
However, death mercilessly touched you in Harbel, and you fell

Farewell, o farewell, farewell Frank “Jean” Seator farewell
Among your peers, even off the shores of your motherland you so well dwell
You had an enviable goal scoring ability that in the marketplace of soccer you did sell

Farewell, farewell, yes, farewell unto a fallen hero
Even though you were not a superhero
But one thing that is sure is that no soccer record of this land will ever rank you zero

Farewell, farewell, farewell Frank “Jean” Seator Farewell


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