The warriors’ Psalm

My weapon is my protector;
I shall never be consumed by fear.

It makes me to walk in utter bravery;

It leads me guided never to give in to compellable action.

It inspires my faith in meeting my foes;
It leads me in the path of fearlessness
For its known fame.

Yes, though I tread through the forest charge with lethal weapons
I will counter all threats and preponderance of power;
For my weapon is loaded with me;
The gears and the amours, they cheer me through enemy tears.

Woe to those who set up an ambush ahead of me
In the full glare of my pursuers;

You launch my post with care; to have me scare
And to have my heart leap in bounds yet never will I quiver in fear.

Rightly concealment and smartness shall be my portion
All the years of my  warfare
And I shall keep the doors of my armory safe forever and forever.





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