Who's listening out there?

Who's listening out there:?                       
To that someone needing a lift                      
From slander and from grief                         
So too never one day to drift                         
There from the path of truth   Who's listening out there?                            
To someone needing food to eat                  
Simple shelter for warmth                             
Refreshing beverage to sip                            
And soothing love for balm                          

Who's listening out there?                             
To those sympathizing voices
Which none ever hearing
Never given chance of choices
And cares lonely bearing

Who's listening out there?
To that somebody who wanders
Through changing day that breaks
Threading sundry path of wonders
From troubled day of birth

Who's listening out there?
To somebody in miseries
And grave desperation
Bantering friends now in pieces
With great indignation

Who's listening out there?
To that someone needing freedom
 From poverty and pains
And drowns loneliness and boredom
That internal peace reigns

 Who's listening out there?
To those in society voiceless
And those their hopes dangling
When the hopeful so powerless
It seems hope is rocking


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