Nepotism, Nepotism, Nepotism
Nepotism, you are an embarrassment, so you will always attract criticism
Those who love you do so due to their own egotism

That’s why, most time they also practice cronyism
When they hear criticism, they get temperamental with their mannerism
They often downplay the essence of true professionalism
So they indulge in total radicalism

Therefore, they bring on themselves from those marginalized hooliganism
Sometimes, the oppressed and suppressed engage them in a battle of antagonism

Yes, Nepotism
You have a facial expression of impressionism
But you so easily condone class system and separatism
That’s why you will always be resisted by those who practice true patriotism
You completely detest objectivism
So you often constrain your victims to take the route that leads to negativism
Some of your practices include sectionalism and acts far from constitutionalism
Your supporters always reply critics with emotionalism
They just turn blind-eye and completely sweep under the carpet issues of realism

Oh Nepotism, Nepotism, Nepotism, Nepotism…


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