Celebrating the fall of the Terror Queen

She roamed the city like a loose lion. Chasing, kicking and whipping innocent people. She moved into private homes mainly the poor, breaking down their poor dwelling places using her iron fist with impunity. Homelessness and despair were amongst her precious gifts to the City residents.

When she moves, pain, sorrow and fear follow her path, greeting those she has passed. She beats the young and the old and fears no soul. When her victims cry, she smiles, laughs, rejoicing her horror and mocking the city’s poor. Street traders were her toilet tissues. She used them like tools, seizing their goods for food. She was the law and  the law was her. She was the legislator, Chief Justice, Associate Justice, judge, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace.

She prosecutes and convicts her captives on the street even if they have no sin. This lord mayor was far above the law and when she stands all men seize to be men. There was no peace when this high priest springs. Cla, cla, cla …. her supporters will cheer while her victims stand in tears. With no remorse she would move around like a hungry lion and declare “ I’m  General Mary T. Broh, the Acting Mayor of the City of Monrovia. Though I’m unelected but my powers are unlimited. I will fearlessly rule this city for 12 years unrestricted. If you like my style, come on my side. Those who dislike me should clear off my sight and move to  the rural side.”

This is the tile of now disgraced Monrovia City Mayor Mary Broh who is at the moment heading towards the trash bin of political history following a legislative vote which expelled her from government on charges of ‘gangsterism, obstruction of Justice, aiding and abating fugitive and promotion of anarchy’.

 On 22 February, Broh’s violent and woeful municipal career came to an end when the House of Representatives declared her a ‘non- governmental material’ and requested the President via a unanimous vote to dismiss her from public service.

Obsession for lawlessness is the causative factor that dumped the feared Mayor into the sea of disgrace. Accustom to disrespecting constituted authority, the fallen Mayor led a large group of affluent women who swallowed the Monrovia Central Prison. In a chaotic state, the now renegade “General” used the women as thuggish instrument  in the obstruction of justice.

The Mayor barbarically  prevented the imprisonment of a top  local government official (Grace Kpahn) who had been convicted in the House of Representatives following a contempt proceeding and charged with misappropriation of appropriated public fund.

Grace Kpahn the Superintendent of Montserrado County was in serious political dilemma and might have dreamt  that she had no clear road to redemption. But little did she know that with the renegade “General” Broh on her side her road to redemption has GPS.

Broh the Chief Justice, Broh, the Police chief , Broh the army General, was at her best  here. No one will ever dream undermining  her authority while she was present in the city. “Why will this so-called Representatives jailed this beautiful friend of mine for corruption in a country where corruption has become victorious” At this point the renegade General was about to do the unthinkable: Ursurpation of heavenly power! She became jesus for Rev, Mother Grace T. Kpahn.
But wait a minute. Has this Rev. Mother been praying to God or Broh. Why will see seek refuge in Broh and not God who declared millions of years ago that He is refuge to his children  in the time of trouble. Earth will accept rebellious act but Heaven has zero tolerance on that.

Becoming Grace Kpaan’s  Jesus Christ was the renegade General’s fatal error. At this point her power has climbed to her head at a very high velocity. “What is wrong with this lady. Is it that Jehovah Almighty has been tolerant of her madness in that large village on planet earth that is why she has decided to cloth herself with the power of the Almighty God Son Jesus Christ. Oh! My Goodness, this is abomination,” one of the  Angels sounding like Gabriel said.  Broh’s disrespect that was extended into heaven was vehemently rejected. The Angels cast her down like Lucifer!

My lord, my lord, my lord.. Graced Kpaan rejoiced with praises for Broh when she set her free. While other Christians were awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ, Grace had her Jesus physically present right by her side.

The entire country was watching and news cast about Broh’s redemptive power spread like a wide fire. “If Broh why not me, I can do the same. You can do the same. We can do the same. No one has to wait for judgment day. Anarchy was in motion here.”

Those who had their family members and associate in correction centers or  prisons across the country were in readiness to march to those areas and free their people. After all they, too, can be Jesus. . If Mary Broh can do it who can’t do it. Shoe shine boys were getting ready, carboys were getting ready, ‘pehn pehn” boys (motocyclists) were getting ready to  move on the Monrovia Central Prison and free their friends, relatives and love ones. Even journalists were on the move to free their man Pelenah.


Chaos, anarchy besieged the nation at the behest of the renegade “General” why the President was out of the country. But the House of Representatives moves in swiftly, arrested the situation and  dislodged  the General in seconds. House Speaker Alex J. Tyler issued an arrest order for the General to be imprisoned for 30 days along with her disciple Grace Kpaan,  thus stemming the chaos.

Although, the President has suspended the General, while she remains at-large, what the nation is eager to see is whether this President will continue to keep in her kitchen cabinet, a lady with documented human right abuses. But for now the nation is rejoicing the news of her fall.

During her heydays, while guns were silent in Monrovia, which was a key battle ground during Liberia’s decade long civil war, its estimated 1.2 million residents were experiencing a renewed terror under a civilian government, which was  being witnessed by the international community specifically the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

The city unelected Mayor Mary Broh, with heavy Ghanaian root,  was evidently the city’s residents’ nightmare. She caused thousands of them to be homeless in clear violation of local and international laws.

Article 4 of the Kampala Convention proclaims that all persons have to be protected against arbitrary displacement but the Johnson Sirleaf administration is not under this international obligation. Broh was a complete despot in charge of the city government.

With virtually no technical work to be performed since the management of the city is being addressed via the World Bank’s million wherein experts are being hired to run the city and manage its waste system, this poorly educated Mayor roamed the city, destroying buildings belonging to the city’s poor, insulting and inflicting pains on them.

Powerful and affluent individuals who have constructed buildings in prohibited areas and waterways are not amongst Broh targets. The city’s poor and powerless residents are her target. They are forcefully evicted in the name of development that will never come and fighting crime with no compensation or justice.

Article 12 of the Kampala Convention obliges states parties to provide just and fair compensation or reparation to IDPs for damage incurred as a result of displacement. Kampala Convention my foot!

Although the city mayor post is an elected post, but President Sirleasf has yet to open it to a competitive democratic process wherein the City voters will choose their choice. The Senate rejected Broh’s confirmation on constitutional and moral grounds.

Broh only respects the President and has absolutely no regard for fellow officials. She is immensely protected by the President and serves as her enforcer. The President has not made public comment on the numerous human rights violation which her handpicked mayor has committed. She is the President’s lady and thus untouchable. She has told media institutions requesting financial documents relating to her transaction via the Freedom of Information Act that she will not submit to the law.

The President’s lady made life more unbearable in Monrovians. She extended her controversial high packing fee to poor neighbourhoods and has made business folks to increase the price of goods as the packing fees are embedded in those commodity prices.

The “renegade General” supposedly operated a secret detention cell at the Monrovia City Hall where she jailed and tortured her victims. But Now no matter how long the day is the night will fall and certainly darkness has fallen on the fascist Mayor.


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