Brian and Dorothy Knightley Foundation Launched

Young Salvationists and people touched by the humility and spiritual work of the former head of Salvation Army in Liberia, Brian J. Knightley, has launched an organization named and styled, Brian and Dorothy Knightley Foundation, BDK-F.

In a press release, the group said following months of consultations with various stalk holders in the Liberian society, it has decided to honor Brian and Dorothy Knightley by establishing a foundation that will address some of the many challenges facing post war Liberia and help in fostering their dream of seeing a better Liberia.

The foundation vision: “Empowering Liberian youth spiritually and academically for better Liberia” has been crafted on the dream of the Knighleys who believe that the spiritual & academic empowerments of young people are necessary for the growth of institutions and the nation in general.

“Let us use this foundation to share our experiences with the SA /Liberia Command and every Liberian on how the Knightley's work in Liberia impacts our spiritual, personal, & professional lives. It is only would be heroes that reference the good work of those who taught them how to fight”. The group founder, Sam Pewu, was quoted as saying.

Quoting the book Mission Liberia, written by Brian Knightley, the foundation founder said: “Mission Liberia offers support to evangelists around the world and is both encouraging and thoroughly entertaining. Dating back from the couple's arrival in 1991, it tells the joys and heartaches, successes and failures of a pioneer and his wife who arrived in Monrovia, Liberia, with just two suitcases and a cornet with which to commence their daunting work.

Brian J. Knightley has written a nail-biting story that sheds light on a dark topic and inspires Christian readers to faithfully accept the challenge of God's work, though the way ahead may be difficult. This fleeting phrase from his (Knightley) book however speaks of his vision and  acceptability of the difficult situation during his stay in Liberia; standing tall amongst many challenges in helping to make Liberia a better place to be for young people.

The group named some of the major achievements of the Knighley as: the building of the Len Millar School located on Tubman Boulevard, Opposite Stryker Funeral , William Booth School located in Paynesville, Pipeline Road, the establishing of the Typing and computer institute located in Paynesville, Pipeline Road, the Bill Norris school located in Chocolate city the erection of John Gowan school located in Salala, Bong county, the establishment of an Officer(pastor) training college, Salvation Army Vocation and Professional Training center located 1st street, Sinkor, Brian J. Knightley School located in Thinker Village opposite the Baptist Seminary, a Day care school to every Salvation Army Corps , Planting churches and building of churches with Pastor quarter, etc.

The release further said that it chooses November 14 for the former launching of the organization because the day marks the birth of Col. Knightley whose birth into this world lay the ground works for a brighter Liberia, a work he begun in October 1991.

The Brian and Dorothy Knightley Foundation said it will remain focus in achieving it vision and work towards the spiritual and academic advancement of young Liberians irrespective of cultural background or affiliation. The vision, BDK-F said, remains steady and will not be moved by distraction from people who don’t want to be appreciative with the level of work the Knightleys have provided to Liberia.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Knightley (filed photo)

It however called on all Salvationists around Liberia to join the organization in celebrating the birth anniversary of Mr. Knighley by wearing the Army uniform from 8am to 12 mid day and say a special prayer in support of the organization, leaving out every political and personal attachment and also show a sense of forgiveness for fellow soldiers.

The organization also called on the Liberia Command to declare the day as a working holiday for Salvationists around Liberia and encourage them to follow the good example of their former leader, Mr. Knightley and by teaching them the main focus of the Salvation Army in Liberia, impacting into them the Article of  War and making them to reflect of the popular saying of the churches founder, General William Booth: “"I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost; Christianity without Christ; forgiveness without repentance; salvation without regeneration; politics without God; and Heaven without Hell."

This quote the organization said should be a walking stalk for Salvationists especially its spiritual leaders in the country if the soul of William is to rest in peace.


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