In Connection with Bloody Fighting at Dejavu: Minister, Top Businessman Sons Charged

Authorities at the Liberia National Police (LNP) have arrested, charged and subsequently forwarded two persons to the Monrovia City Court in connection with the bloody  fighting at the Dejavu Night Club on Christmas Eve-December 24, 2012. The Dejavu Night Club is one of Liberia’s popular night clubs. It is located at Airfield Shortcut in Monrovia.

At least 20 persons got wounded during the fighting at the night club. The violence was occasioned by the throwing of bottles, chairs  and other deadly weapons. Following the violence,  Police Director Chris Massaquoi  shut down the night club for time indefinite. Director Massaquoi  said the night club would remain shut down pending the outcome a police investigation into the incident.

The police investigation, Director Massaquoi stated, is aimed at establishing the actual cause of the incident as well as  to ensure that the management of the club puts into place proper security measures aimed at ensuring the safety of everyone who attends the club.    

Speaking to The Heritage on Thursday, December 27, 2012, the LNP  Spokesman, Mr. Same Collins, named the  two persons sent to court as:  Joe Cassell and Keke Gibson. Mr. Collins said suspect Joe Cassll is a son of Gender & Development Minister, Julia Duncan-Cassell, while the other suspect Keke Gibson is a son of Mr. Sam Gibson, a prominent Liberian businessman-Mr. Gibson is the  owner of Crystal Ocean View Hotel.

 Mr. Collins disclosed that the two suspects were formally charged with Aggravated Assault. The LNP spokesman warned that the police will not condone  any acts that will undermine the peace and security of the state as well as impede the rights of other citizens to entertainment, movement and enjoyment.

“Night club is not a place where  people go to fight, where people go to share blood; this a warning to other areas where people go to enjoy themselves, the police will not stop anybody from enjoying themselves;  we do not have the  right to stop anybody from enjoying themselves but if your enjoyment turns into violence that impede on the movement of people, that brings their rights into disrepute, then we will move in and restore sanity because we are mandated to protect of lives and properties,” he stated.
Mr. Collins  added that the police  would  remain uncompromising on its stance to have the night club shout down for time indefinite until its investigation is  concluded and that the management puts into place new security measures that will ensure the safety of everyone who attends the club.


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