Police intensify “operations save haven”

The Police have intensified “Operations Save Haven”, with a rebranded version known as “Operations Save Haven Reloaded” intended to strengthen and consolidate the current war on the fight against crimes in the Liberian society and to enforce the existing crackdown on criminal activities in the country.

Deputy Police Chief for Operations, Kalelu Abraham Kromah, told the Public affairs department that the operations, which were launched in October of last year, contributed greatly to the overall reduction of crimes around the country. The deputy police chief averred that a total of three armed robbery attacks were recorded since the coming into force of the “Operations Save Haven”, while rape recorded three, illegal possession of firearms and illegal possession of drugs recorded 0-0 respectively with other crimes down the parking order. The statistics by the deputy Police chief means the lowest since the end of the country’s civil conflict more than ten years ago.
Kromah, a longstanding practitioner in policing, said the gains made in the fight against crimes can be attributed to the farsightedness of the Director of Police Chris Massaquoi and the courageousness of the men and women of the Liberia National Police coupled with the support from members of the communities that have taken up the courage to assist the police by disseminating needed information that has led to the police executing the arrest of some criminals.
The Deputy Police Inspector General said since the launched of the operation the police have been able to restore the hope of residents of the Monrovia and its environs and lauded the massive citizen’s support that was received by the police force from citizens and foreign national residing in the country.
The Police Deputy Chief named some of the successes of “Operations Save Haven” as the reduction in crimes including armed robbery, reduction in traffic congestion in and around the city, the restriction placed on supper Friday that usually saw the huge movement of school kids to various breaches around the city during school hours which was coupled with the trade of drugs and other foreign substances.
Speaking to the Press and Public Department of the Liberia National Police Director Kromah pointed out that “Operations Save Haven” designed by the Inspector General of Police also succeeded in putting into place measures to restrict the movement of motorcyclists in and around the city after 10pm.
He narrated that the measure taken by the police was gear toward arresting the wave of armed robbery and the commission of other crimes around the city and its environs. “ we were constrained on the bases of intelligence gathered that criminals were now using motorbikes at night to rain havoc on peaceful residents of the city and its surrounding, stating that the police is under moral and legal obligation to protect life and property in the country”.
Commenting on the reloaded version of “Operations Save Haven”, Director Kromah said it contained strategic deployment of more police in areas believed to be crime prone across the country, curtail the movement of cars without license plate less vehicles across the city, and take into consideration proper documentation of vehicles plying various streets and highway around the country.
He further noted that under the Reload Version of “Operations Save Haven” the full implementation of police regulations will be applied to the letter and caution members of the public to abide by these regulations.


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