Dual citizenship rbings development - Amb. Sulunteh

Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States,  Jeremiah Sulunteh,  has underscored the importance of dual citizenship to Liberia as a post conflict nation. According to him, dual citizenship brings economic growth and development to any country, and as such, Liberia is no exception.

He stated that dual citizenship also contributes immensely to infrastructural growth. He observed that the issue of dual citizenship has been misconstrued in Liberia for a very long time. The Liberian envoy made these comments recently when he spoke in an interview with reporters in Monrovia.

Amb. Sulunteh disclosed that most Liberians in the diasporas are not willing to come back home because, according to him, Liberia does not subscribe to dual citizenship.

The Liberian diplomat mentioned that Liberians who have acquired citizenship in their host countries are very “skeptical” to return due to the lack of legislation to back dual citizenship in the country. He indicated that a way forward must be found in order to ensure that dual citizenship is prioritize for the common good of Liberia and its citizens.

He recalled that a resolution was crafted by Diaspora Liberians at a conference named and styled “All Liberians Conference” relative to the issue of dual citizenship in the United States. Amb. Sulunteh said the conference was also intended to give a clear picture and meaning of dual citizenship to the Executive Branch for onward submission to the Legislature for enactment into law.

“We want to put forth this dual citizenship through the Executive and then to the legislature. We want the Executive branch to sponsor dual citizenship for Liberians. It is left with us (Liberians) to interpret what a dual citizenship is. Dual citizenship brings development,” he stated.

The Liberian Ambassador continued: “It is a challenge that Liberians who have acquired citizenship of their host countries are skeptical to come over because of fear that we do not subscribe to dual citizenship. We hope that in the future, this is something that Liberians are going to debate and find a way forward.”

The former Post and Telecommunications Minister stated that there is no “accurate record” of the total number of Liberians currently residing in the United States. Amb. Sulunteh said there are many Liberians in the U.S., reiterating  , but the  total census in terms of figure remains unknown.

Meanwhile, Amb. Sulunteh added that  plans are underway by the Liberian embassy to conduct a survey in order to track out the actual number of Liberians residing in the United States.


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