Ellen Sympathizes with US on Mass Murder of School Children

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has sent a message of condolence to the Government and People of the United States of America (USA), following the tragic news of the cold-blooded and horrendous murder of twenty innocent elementary school children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut which occurred on Friday December 14, 2012.

In the message to US President Barrack Obama, President Johnson-Sirleaf extended heartfelt condolences and added that such mindless tragedy is shockingly evil and must be condemned by all peace loving persons of the world.

“The children, the youths, and parents of Liberia join me in expressing our deepest condolences to you and the people of the United States, especially to the bereaved families of all of those whose life’s candles were abruptly blown off by the reckless and callous actions of the gunman,” the President noted.

The Liberian leader noted that the outpouring of grief in the United States and elsewhere that the tragic event has occasioned is a clear indication that the civilized world is terribly appalled by the incident, stressing that the global community must therefore commit itself to taking all appropriate measures that will prevent such traumatizing act from reoccurring in any part of the world.

President Johnson Sirleaf prayed that as the people of the United States go through this painful mourning, the Almighty God will heal the wounds and give them the fortitude to cope with the irreparable loss.


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