Meet Our Honorees

In keeping with its tradition, the Independent Authoritative Heritage Newspaper at the end of the year recognizes people especially public servants as well as institutions for their tirelessly efforts as it relates to the rejuvenation of our country following years of political brouhaha. As a way of encouraging them to continue their hard work, we respectably bestow honor upon them.

The recognition of people and institutions that work diligently for the good   of the Liberian nation and people is also intended to motivate others who are sitting on the fence to emulate the hard works of the honorees. For the year 2012, we have recognized several persons and institutions for their immense contributions to our country.

However, we want to state emphatically that we reserve the right to withdraw our honor from any of our honorees who engages in acts that are against the will and aspirations of the Liberian nation and people. Customarily, our selection is based on public opinion and thorough scrutiny by our team of panelists.  Unlike previous years when we recognized our honorees once, this time, we are recognizing our honorees progressively.

Our Diplomat Of The Year-2012

Our diplomat of the year- 2012 is the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China accredited to Liberia, ZHAO Jianhua.  Ambassador ZHAO is an experienced diplomat who has worked diligently for his country.  Through the energetic administration of Ambassador ZHAO, the Government of the People’s Republic of China has agreed to construct a multi-purpose Ministerial Complex that will house several government ministries and agencies for the enhancement of the Liberian governance process.

Moreover, under the administration of the hard working Chinese envoy, the bilateral ties subsisting between China and Liberia continue to flourish significantly. Also, under his administration, China has provided scholarships to several Liberians to further their studies so as to enable them (beneficiaries) contribute their quota to the rebuilding of the country following years of destruction.

Our honoree, who has been ably representing his country here since 2011, among other things, had persistently reaffirmed China unflinching support to Liberia’s recovery process.                                 

Our Managing Director Of The Year-2012

The Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Madam Matilda Parker, is our Managing Director of the year 2012.   Undoubtedly, Madam Parker has done well in transforming the NPA-which is regarded as the gateway to Liberia’s economy.

Besides the NPA, Madam Parker, with the help of her hard working lieutenants, has worked hard to improve the other ports, namely the ports of Buchanan, Greenville and Harper.

Importantly, the administration of the NPA boss has witnessed a growth in revenue generation; vessels’ traffic increased considerably; imports and exports have also increased-thanks to China Union, Western Cluster, APM Terminal among others for their partnership with the NPA management. It could be recalled that recently, the Liberian government via the inventiveness of our honoree signed a US$14million loan deal with the Kuwaiti Government for the rehabilitation of the port of Greenville to make it fully operational.

With her high level managerial skills, our honoree has promoted companionship between the management and the workers. 


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