Opportunity International Linked To Racism - Investigation to be Launched

The former Regional Human Resources Director, Africa, for Opportunity International told journalists, in the Liberian capital Monrovia, that the organization has engaged itself in racism throughout Africa.

“For several years now we the blacks within the organization have tried to make our colleagues to understand that racism is not healthy for such an entity but our calls have been received with deaf ears.” George Solo said.

Displaying documented evidence, George SOLO said that some executives of the organization are in the habit of making racist remark to the blacks.

“Mr. Colin, the CEO, said once that he does not trust Africans so he does not understand why Africans are growing fast in the organization. David, another executive, said and I quote, “I will show you what cape coast was like”, when he was talking to a black employee.” SOLO revealed.

George SOLO who is now Chairman of the main opposition party CDC in Liberia, disclosed that he has resigned from Opportunity International and has sued the organization to the Human Rights court of ECOWAS. “For instance one of the monitors kidnapped the daughter of a client who failed to pay on time.

"That is totally illegal. When the issue was raised, they bribed the parents of the victim to close the case. I have communications in my possession to show how they are trying to get to rid of blacks. During the board meeting, the blacks are not allowed to talk.” George Solo said.

He commented on his lawsuit as a basis to correct “the wrong that still exist in our society”and promised a strong media push “to discourage donors in the west from contributing to such organizations that use their platform to further degrade the value of equality.”

The former Africa Director of Opportunity international has vowed to expose more malpractices in his ex-organization in subsequent press conferences.

Contacted via email, Stacey Zolt Hara Vice President, Communications Opportunity International, said that the organization will investigate.

“Opportunity has not seen the so-called documentation of these allegations, but we take them very seriously as they are an affront to our values and mission. We will investigate and make right any potential wrong doing in our ongoing commitment to our clients and donors to be always focused on our values of respect and integrity toward the people we serve.” She said.

 She also expressed sadness and confusion over the attack of George SOLO against the organization. “We pride ourselves on investing in leaders from within the ranks of our talented organization worldwide, building a diverse group of voices, including many who serve on our various boards."

"We enjoyed working with George as a valued employee for many years, during which he openly expressed his admiration for the organization and its leadership. We are both confused and saddened by his sudden attack on our work”, she said.


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