Finance Ministry Introduces New ID Card for Revenue Personnel

A newly designed Identification Card that will aptly identify revenue personnel (auditors, enforcers, analysts, collectors and agents) has been introduced by the Ministry of Finance Revenue Department. According to a Press Release from the Ministry of Finance Media Services, the introduction of the new ID card system is in response to growing concerns of some unscrupulous individuals masquerading as tax collectors, thereby defrauding the Government of Liberia (GOL) it’s much needed revenue.

The Ministry’s new revenue personnel ID cards will be rolled out commencing December 3, 2012. The new ID card contains the name of the Ministry of Finance and carries a clearly written identification number, and title that correspond with the holder’s credentials (profile information) in the Ministry’s database.

According to the MoF Release, the new action is in support of the Ministry of Finance’s commitment to fighting corruption and also safeguarding revenue generation for government. This action also seeks to protect tax payers from fraudulent acts by unauthorized individuals that may lead to double payment of taxes.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance is requesting tax payers, especially businesses operating in the country to verify those ID numbers by calling the Ministry’s hotline (0888002290) before transacting business with the card holder. The Ministry of Finance also encourages business people as well as the public to report any act of harassment committed by individuals carrying the new ID cards or those impersonating as Revenue personnel from the Ministry of Finance.



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