We Were not Sincere to the Liberian People - Lawmaker Admits

Grand Kru County Senator Cletus S. Wotorson has admitted that they (lawmakers) were not sincere to the Liberian people and the country as a whole during their first sitting. He said they never stood up for those things they needed to stand up for in the government. Among other things, he mentioned the confirmation of government officials by the Liberian Senate.

In an interview with Legislative Reporters recently at the Capital Building- seat of the Liberian Legislature, the Grand Kru County Senator said he is ashamed and angry with himself on account of the things he and his colleagues had done to the Liberian people. However, the former Senate President Pro- Tempore of the Liberian Senate vowed to ensure that the right thing is done this time around  even if it means say no to the Executive so that the country moves forward in the right direction.

Among other things, Senator Wotorson added: “As I reflect in my old age and in my twilight years in the Senate now, I am ashamed and angry at myself that some of those things we needed to stand for we did not. And my two years I am going be here, I am going to be a different, different, different Senator.  I am going to cooperate with the Executive, but I am going to make sure we will be truly honest with things that we need to do.”


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