Big Demonstration Against GSA Boss Imminent

Several aggrieved employees of the General Services Agency (GSA) are poised to stage what sources have described  as a big demonstration in protest against the leadership style of the  GSA Director General,, Madam Pearine Davis Parkinson, The Heritage has reliably learnt.

Multiple sources divulged over the weekend that many of the aggrieved workers (names withheld) are among other things accusing the GSA boss of marginalization, nepotism, illegal dismissals and embezzlement. According to our sources,  the aggrieved GSA employees are alleging that  Madam Parkinson deliberately reduced the remunerations and other benefits of GSA employees, including directors and other staffers.

They are further alleging that there is huge disparity between what she and her principal deputy receive as remuneration and benefits, and also  what directors and other GSA employees receive as remuneration and benefits.
The aggrieved GSA employees, our sources stated, are frowning on the GSA Director-General for what they referred to as her continuous squandering of state resources, disrespecting and usurping of the functions of other directors and employees of the entity.

The sources revealed that the aggrieved GSA employees alleged that upon the GSA Director General’s directive, several directors of the entity have received a major reduction in their monthly gas slip supply from the 50 pieces previously supplied to 30 pieces.

The aggrieved GSA employees, our sources hinted, are also aggrieved over what they call Madam Parkinson’s action to allegedly leave out employees of the GSA and sub contract other firms and individuals, who they say, are currently carrying out construction work on several government  projects intended for  this year’s July 26 celebrations in Bomi County.

The sources maintained that the aggrieved GSA workers have resolved to shortly embark upon series of protest actions by among other things making the premises of the GSA “ungovernable” through strike actions and demonstrations intended to gain public sentiment and draw President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s attention to dismiss Madam Parkinson as head of the GSA.

Late last year, aggrieved employees of the GSA, who have been complaining over the performance of Director General Parkinson since her ascendency as head of the GSA, staged several protest actions, calling for the immediate resignation of the GSA boss.

At the time, GSA employees’ spokesman Aaron Kollie lamented that Director General Parkinson had dismissed more than 30 employees without tangible reasons, adding that she is guilty of bad administrative practices. Spokesman Kollie alleged then that the GSA administration under Madam Parkinson had sold vehicles without announcing auctions to the public and that some administrative heads had more than one government issued car.

Mid last year, The Heritage reported that cogent documents in its possession had linked the Director-General Parkinson to financial misappropriation.

According to the documents, the Director-General of the GSA  allegedly  paid US$14,226 from the coffers of the Government of Liberia (GOL) to a travel agency, "Jew Travel Tours" as air ticket for a study tour, which was 100% sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/GEMS/Liberia. The documents divulged that the study trip for the GSA boss and her deputy cost US$29,650, and that additional US$6,243 was allegedly withdrawn from GoL coffers as allowance for the trip that was already being funded by USAID/GEMS/Liberia.

The documents further divulged that the accused GSA boss supposedly effected US$75,000 from various budget lines to operational funds account, something which contravenes the Public Financial Management Act and the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) act, thereby making all transactions at GSA not to adhere to PPCC regulations.

Meanwhile, the GSA boss had repeatedly rejected corruption charges levied against her by aggrieved employees of the agency. She had also dismissed media reports linking her to corruption and abuse of her office.   


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