Montserrado Supt. Threatens to Resign if…

Montserrado County Supt. Grace T. KpaanThe Superintendent of Montserrado County, Madam Grace T. Kpan, has threatened to resign if claims that she received US$20,000 for the payment of several students’ scholarship fees are factual. At a recent meeting held in the Borough of New Kru, outside Monrovia, the Project Management Committee (PMC) Chairman of Montserrado County, Mr. Patrick Moore, accused Supt. Kpan of receiving US$20,000 from the County Development Funds (CDFs) for the payment of several students’ scholarship fees.


Although Mr. Moore did not name the school, he maintained that the amount was allegedly received by Madam Kpan.
But Madam Kpan has vowed to resign and restitute the US$20,000 if records show that she did receive the money from the PMC of Montserrado County for her institution. She challenged Mr. Moore to provide the necessary documents in order to link her to conflict of interest.  


In a related development, the Montserrado County superintendent has placed an indefinite hold on the expenditure of US$15,000 from the CDFs. The US$15,000 in question, according to reports, is intended to underwrite the scholarship fess for deserving students in the Borough of New Kru Town.


She said her action was prompted by what she called the constant withdrawal of funds from the county’s account allegedly by the Project Management Committee Chairman Mr.  Moore without her consent. She stated that funds were allegedly withdrawn from the account by Mr. Moore without her approval. She took the action last weekend at a district meeting held in the Borough of New Kru Town.


The meeting was called by the citizens to ascertain detail information concerning the expenditure of the CDFs.

There have been lot of controversies surrounding the proper usage of the Montserrado County Development funds ranging from payment of students’ scholarship fees and the slow pace of development projects. The Montserrado County superintendent clarified that she is not a signatory to the CDFs account of Montserrado County.

She claimed that the PMC chairman unilaterally addressed a communication to her office requesting, the US$15,000 to be used for the decoration of the uncompleted library in New Kru Town. Displaying the communication, Supt. Kpan said she vehemently rejected the letter on grounds that the communication did not meet the approval of the chairpersons of the various communities in the district.


According to her, the expenditure of such a huge sum of money did not meet the consensus of the Community leaders, and as such, she would not approve the communication. At a meeting in Bentol, Supt.  Kpan disclosed that the money was set aside from the CDFs to provide scholarships to deserving students within the Borough and not for the decoration of the library.


She vowed not to be involved into any “unscrupulous behavior” in the discharge of her mandate. Also speaking, the PMC chairman denied any wrong doing in the management of Montserrado County CDFs. According to him, all withdrawals from the CDFs account were solely approved by Supt. Kpan.


On other hand, he also accused Supt. Kpan of paying US$9,000 from the CDFs as scholarship fees to her institution, a claim the Montserrado County Superintendent categorically rejected and challenged. However, the meeting was disrupted when Supt. Kpan expressed her desire to play an audio in her possession in which the PMC Chairman allegedly encouraged some members of the county to distribute a substantial amount from the CDFs.


Some of the constituents that attended the meeting expressed interest in the playing of the audio while others were agitating. Earlier on, the district representative, Mr. Edward S. Forh, deliberately walked out of the meeting without any reason given.


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