NEC inspects headquarters of registered political parties in Liberia

MONROVIA: The National Elections Commission (NEC) has begun the inspection of the headquarters of all registered political parties in country.

The exercise started on Monday and is due to end  today, Wednesday.  The inspection of the headquarters of registered political parties in Liberia is in line with Article 79 (c) sub section (i) of the Liberian Constitution which requires all registered political parties in the country to operate functioning headquarters in Monrovia, the Capital City of Liberia.

The inspection exercise is being conducted by six teams. Each team is headed by a commissioner who is inspecting the headquarters of political parties over which he or she exercises oversight.

Officials of the NEC who have oversight responsibilities of registered political parties in the country include Co-Chairman Sarah Jegede-Toe, Commissioner Jonathan K. Weedor, Commissioner Al-Hadji Asumana F. Kromah, Commissioner Jeanette Ebba-Davidson, Commissioner Samuel Z. Joe and Commissioner Davidetta Brown Lansanah.

There are Twenty Nine (29) registered political parties, one coalition and one alliance in Liberia. They include: The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) [The NDC is a coalition that comprises the New Deal Movement (NDM) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP)], National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP), National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), Citizens Unification Party (CUP) Majority Party of Liberia (MAPOL) and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

Others are: Victory for Change Party (VCP), National Patriotic Party (NPP), Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), Progressive Democratic Party (PRODEM) Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD) [The APD is an alliance of the United People’s Party (UPP) and the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) ]; the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Freedom Alliance party of Liberia (FAPL), Liberia Equal Rights Party (LERP) and the Liberia Empowerment Party (LEP).


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