Fear Grips Oldroad Residents over Planned Eviction and Demolition Exercise

Several residents of Sinkor Oldroad within the Yekeh Kulubah Community are said to living in fear for the eviction and demolition of structures built on an alley way.The Monrovia City Corporation deadline for the planned eviction and demolition exercise is expected to be executed on December 6, 2012, a resident told the Heritage on Friday, November 10, 2012.

Speaking in an interview with judicial reporters at the Temple of Justice on Friday, Madam Fatu Foyah said the area was acquired by them some nine years ago. The alley way in question is linking Gaye Town road with the Haywood Mission School. Madam Foyah alleged that the wife of Gbapolu County Representative, Mrs. Yassah Kerwu is the mastermind behind their removal from the area because of her newly constructed hotel. The Representative of Gbapolu is Mr. Alfred Kerwu.

Madam Foyah further told reporters that Mrs. Kerwu is allegedly pressing for the eviction and demolition of their structures on grounds for costumers visiting her hotel to use the area as a parking lot. However, reporters who visited the area on Friday observed that if the eviction and demolition is to be affected, her hotel falls within the same alley way.

A document in the possession of this paper, dated November 6, 2012, under the Captioned: City Government of Monrovia, reads that in violation of Ordinance #8 promulgated into law on February 1, 1988 and municipal notice #4 issued in 1979, ordered violator (s) to remove on or before December 6, 2012. The document warns that failure of the violators to comply shall constitute a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment or fines.

“Any structure or portion thereof that has been or is in the process of construction /renovation in violation of the above provision shall be demolished by the City Government. All expenses incurred in the demolition thereof, shall be the responsibility of the violator,” the document stated. But when contacted Mrs. Kerwu on the allegation levied against her by Madam Foyah, she admitted forwarding the complaint with the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

Mrs. Kerwu who refused to speak on tape records when she was confronted by journalists, she arrogantly expressed that she has been warning the residents to remove the structures built in the alley way since 2010.  Citing reasons for her action, Mrs. Kerwu told reporters that a market woman demanded her to pay money for four cups of rice which the lady claimed was 20 cups because her car wasted the lady’s rice in the drive way.


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