Marshall Road Pavement in Full Swing

SSF Entrepreneur Incorporated, a Liberian road construction company,  has undertaken a massive project to pave a 21-kilometer stretch of road which connects the historic city of Marshall where the Liberia Maritime Authority(LMA) has a plan to build its proposed headquarters.

The contract for the pavement of the road was awarded to the company by the government through the Ministry of Public works in collaboration with the LMA. The awarding of the contract was done through an established guideline enshrined in the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) Procedural system, set for the awarding of concessions within the confine of the law to international best practice.

According to SSF management,  in order to carry out the timely pavement of road, the company is currently working around the clock with professional team of engineers.  “We are tackling the entire stretch of the road making sure that at the end of the dry season the pavement work will have been done to an acceptable extend,” it added.

It said the company’s target was aimed at guaranteeing that at the end of the dry season the binder-course and the final asphalt layer over the stretch of the 21 kilometers would be set for completion to enhance free flow of vehicular traffic.
Management said earth-moving equipment had been mobilized to ensure effective work. It indicated that technical issues were as well being comprehensively handled to avoid any blunders.

 In a brief chat with newsmen, SSF’s CEO Mr. Shawki Fawaz acknowledged the importance of the project adding that his company would ensure its timely implementation. He promised that SSF would do all in its capacity to do quality work on the road saying being a Liberia company its priority is always to make a difference in the road infrastructural development of the country.

Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods, who recently visited the project site, told reporters that the pavement of Marshall road was in furtherance strengthening the commitment of government to improving the road network of Liberia.

With the completion of the road, he said  maritime activities in Marshall would be enhanced and as well as economic initiatives. He praised SSF for the level of work done thus far on the road and urged it to redouble its efforts to carry out the implementation of the project on time.

Apart from the Marshall project, the Works Minister acknowledged that SSF is carrying out the implementation of several other critical road projects in Monrovia and its environs. But he stated that those projects were government initiatives and all geared towards the revitalization of the country’s road network.


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