2 Liberian Historians Want Liberian History Rewritten

At the latest edition of the outdoor Interactive Community Outreach and Media Blended Public Forum of the Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives, “THE DIALOGUE” two Liberian historians have called for the rewriting of the country’s history to correct historical flaws.

Appearing on “THE DIALOGUE”, recently at the Foundation for Better Liberia (FOBEL) Intellectual Discourse Center on the Eastern Outskirt of Monrovia along the Somalia Drive, Writer Dr. Joseph Saye Guannu and Oral Historian, Rev. Emmanuel Bowier said Liberia’s history was flawed with inconsistencies that are hunting the country’s progress toward prosperity.

They said there were moments in Liberians history that have been wrongly written or misconstrued. Dr. Joseph Say Guannu said there were parts of the history where he said noble lies had been told.

Bowier agreed adding that some elite Liberians have made their perceptions historical facts by the mere fact that they think all they believe in and say should be the accepted fact and truth for the Liberian Nation and State.

They pointed to moments in the history of Liberia where they said Matilda New Port fired a cannon at native ore indigenous Liberians to win native /settlers battle for parts of Monrovia describing that as a noble lie that must be corrected.

The two historians called for   the running of Liberia in line with historical lessons learnt that  signal maturity in stirring of the Liberian State.


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