Bomi Citizens Remind Lawmakers of Campaign Promises

Citizens of Bomi County  have called  on their lawmakers not to renege on the promises they  made  to them during the 2011 Presidential and General Elections. Bomi County, which is situated in western Liberia,  is about 45 kilometers away from the capital , Monrovia. The county is one of the least developed counties in Liberia.

The county is represented in the 53rd Legislature by Representatives S. Garyah Karmoh of Tubmanburg-Senjeh District # 1, Haja Fata Siryon of Suen Mecca District # 2, and Speaker Alex Tyler of Klay District # 3. The Senators are: Lahai Lassana and Sando D. Johnson. The Bomi citizens made the call in the county last week when they spoke to this writer in an exclusive interview. This writer had gone to the county to independently ascertain from the people of Bomi County, particularly those of voting age as to whether those they elected were fulfilling or reneging on the promises they made to them during the campaign.

The citizens interviewed included:  town chiefs, elders, youth and women leaders, market superintendents, and students, amongst others.
Those  interviewed said most of their  lawmakers have done little in fulfilling the promises they made to them during the elections. However, they said few of them have begun fulfilling their promises made to them.   

 But the constituents did not mention the names of their lawmakers, who according to them, have done little and others who done much. The citizens said it was too early to begin calling names,  as what is important now is for them  to remind their lawmakers that they are watching them and looking up to them to deliver.  

 They named youth empowerment through scholarships and financial aid, micro loan scheme for elderly women, rehabilitation of roads, and the construction of district offices, amongst others as some of the promises made to them by their elected legislative officials during the campaign. According to the citizens, elected officials must actualize their promises in order to “safeguard their integrity.” They urged their lawmakers not to dash the hope of those who elected them by “playing blind eye to their own promises made.”

The Bomi County citizens reminded their lawmakers that  they (legislators) were elected to serve them, and as such, issues affecting them must be of paramount concern to them(lawmakers). They added that the trust and confidence have been reposed in their lawmakers nothing that, they (lawmakers) should continue to coordinate and cooperate with their constituents on the workings of the legislature.

By Obediah Johnson with support from Heritage/IREX partnership



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