Beach Attendees Succumb to Police’s Warning

Unlike the recent past, an investigation conducted by the   Independent Authoritative Heritage has established that this year’s celebration of President William Vancarat Shadrach Tubman’s birth anniversary by and large  was not marred by violence and other impolite act at various beaches and other places in Monrovia and its environs.

November 29, each year is observed as a National Holiday in commemoration of the birth anniversary of President Tubman, the 18th President of Liberia. Yesterday (November 29) marked Tubman’s 117th Birth Anniversary.

In observance of the day, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf earlier issued a proclamation, declaring the day as a National Holiday. The Proclamation is in consonance with an act of the Legislature at its 3rd Session of the 42nd Legislature of the Republic. The observance of the day, according to the proclamation, is in recognition of former President Tubman’s productive, meaningful services and policies, including the Opening Door Policy, National Unification and Integration Policy, and the granting of suffrage to women as well as the policies on all socio-economic development nationwide among others.

According to our  investigation, the peaceful celebration of  this year’s birth anniversary of former President Tubman at the various beaches and other places  was a result of proper security mechanism put in place by authorities of the Liberia National Police(LNP) to maintain law and order. The LNP is clothed with the authority to protect lives and property throughout the country.

 Prior to the celebration, authorities of the LNP had cautiously warned the public that people who dress naked, especially in the streets would be arrested. The police’s warning stemmed from previous years when it was observed that some people, particularly the youth who went on the beaches in observance of the former President’s birthday and other holidays dressed naked in the streets while returning from the beaches.  This unwarranted act (nakedness) by unscrupulous people  is usually marred by disturbances in the streets at the detriment of the mass Liberians. Many people had frowned on such uncalled-for act and called on the government through the police to halt the act as it is uncivilized.     
Accordingly, our investigation further established that the people who turned out to the various beaches  to amuse themselves  yesterday did not exhibit the ill-mannered attitude and other act of  violence as  witnessed in the recent past. Most, if not all of those,  who went on the beaches  were seen amusing themselves without carrying out any act of lawlessness. The beaches visited by this paper include:  Bernard’s Beach, Miami Beach, Barnes Beach and Musa Beach amongst others.             

Meanwhile, the beach attendees hailed the police for responsibly maintaining law and order at the beaches. “I want to thank the Liberian National Police in its effort in ensuring that people did not  get into the streets  naked on this day. I think they meant what they said and they were strict on this,” said Marriam Johnson, a resident of Congo. “I really love what the police did by putting stop to people from being naked. I also want to applaud all those who yielded to this warning as well,” commented one Momolu Kamara, a resident of Newport Street in Monrovia. 


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