In Nimba County: Negligent Contractors Arrested, Jailed

Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Tozay Yorlay, has ordered the arrest and prosecution of negligent contractors who have abandoned contracts in the county under the County Development Fund and Social Development Fund.

The arrest order was successfully  effected  by the Liberia national Police Nimba Detachment came against the backdrop of several contractors entering into contract with his predecessors and refusing to complete them on time thinking that the replacement of the current Assistant Superintendent predecessor was an opportunity for them to wall unnoticed with several thousand United States dollars from the county’s coffers.

Before the coming of Assistant Superintendent Yorlay, his predecessors had entered about eighteen contractors with contractors to begin and complete elementary schools, clinics, commissioners’ compound and commissioner’s residence in fifteen (15) of the seventeen(17) administrative districts. Upon taking over, the youthful Assistant Superintendent noticed that only one had been successfully completely. He then gave an ultimatum of 15 October 2012 to all negligent contractors to ensure that the contracts are completed or face the weight of the law.

After the expiration of his ultimatum, he made monitoring visits to the project sites and realized that ten (10) of the seventeen (17) projects in the fifteen (15) administrative district had been completed, while seven (7) of them remain incomplete plus the incomplete stadium wing project in Sanniquellie City, Nimba County.

Out of his determination for his service to the people of his home county to be characterized by success stories and not failure stories, the verbally robust Assistant Superintendent forwarded the names of these persons for immediate arrest and prosecution: Replaced Commissioner Moses Zarpoe: for taking delivery of US$14,500.00 worth of materials and not delivering them to contractor Junior Gblewon to complete the Zoe-Gbao Administrative District Commissioner Compound Project; Mr. Shedrick Sayegbou: for poorly building and abandoning the Tiapa elementary school project in Yarpea Administrative District; Mr. Sardy Giah and Mr. Paul Duo for poorly building and abandoning the Camp # 1 town hall in Gbi and Doru Administrative District; Mr. Preston Lablah for not completing the Sehyikimpa Delivery Home and the Gblasonnoh Clinic projects in Sanniquellie Mah Administrative District; Mr. Ansu Jabateh (Mason in the Assistant Superintendent’s office) and Amos Gbannah (County Information Officer in the County Superintendents office) for abandoning the County Field Stadium Wing Project begun since the Nimba 2010 Independence Celebrations.

While the clinic in Ziah and Administrative Building in Payee, Gbor Administrative District are approaching completion.
Knowing the Assistant Superintendent was serious for the work, a mason in the Assistant Superintendent’s office and County Information Officer of the Tokadi Construction Company who had since abandoned the County Field Stadium Wing Project begun since the Nimba 2010 Independence Celebrations remained behind bars and mobilized all of the cement, steel rods and other items needed to complete the work while the work is now fast finishing.

Citizens in the county have visited enormous commendation on Hon. Yorlay for being robust and uncompromising to ensuring that abandoned projects are fully completed. Some say had the youthful Assistant Superintendent been in the county before now he would have ensured that no projects were abandoned.

With the current action against negligent contractors, more contractors are now under serious pressure to finish projects or they join the list of those incarcerated and fast graduating from the police cell and on their way to the Sanniquellie Central Prison via the legal means.

Meanwhile, Hon. Yorlay has vowed to see the logical conclusion of all contracts and nothing less.


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