New Roads Reduce Death Rate in Dropoh Clan, Sinoe County

Several citizens of Tartweh/Dropoh Clan of Sinoe County have lauded Atlantic Resources (AR) for the construction of new roads by the company (AR) in their area. AR, a logging company based in Greenville, Sinoe County, has embarked on connecting Sinoe and other parts of the south-east by constructing new roads.

Speaking to this writer recently when he visited the clan, the citizens said due to the road people can now have easy access to the only health center in the clan. One of the citizens-Timothy W. Swen, a social worker in the area, who spoke to our reporter in Tubmanville Town, Tartweh/Dropoh Clan, prior to the construction of these new roads by the company (AR), death rate especially among pregnant women, was very high as compared to now.
Mr. Swen, who is also the Vice President for Administration of Tartweh/Dropoh Youth, said the death rate recorded for pregnant women was 10 annually due prior to the construction of the new roads in the area. According to him, from other towns and villages to reach Tubmanville Town, where the hospital is located used to take over eight hours walking, and as such, many people especially pregnant women died while on their way to hospital.

But he said now takes less than an hour to cover those distances because cars and motorbikes are able to use the route. “Before many our people died here just because there was no road, but thank God for Atlantic for the many new roads it has constructed,” said Swen.

Speaking further, Swen called on the Government of Liberia (GoL) to lift the halt placed on the PUPs especially on AR so that the company can carry on its good work in the clan and the entire the county at large. It can be recalled that recently, President Johnson-Sirleaf placed a hold on the operations of PUPs holders, following a Global Witness report and recommendations from the Special Independent Investigation Body (SIIB) established by her.

Among other things, the SIIB Report called for the revocation of all PUPs for failure to comply with National Forestry Reform Law (NFRL) Section 5.2 and other subsections dealing with regulations regarding individuals qualified for or exempted from applying for PUPs.

The Tartweh/Dropoh youth leader said since the construction of the new roads, death rate has reduced greatly.

By Emmanuel Weedee-from Sinoe County



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