2013 national Kickball league opens

The Liberia Kickball Federation (LKF) has announced the opening of its 2013 national kickball league in the country.

According to the President of the LKF, Mr. Yourvor Kollie, the fixture for the 2013 national kickball league will be out latest by Saturday March 9, 2013.

 He urged all kickball teams wishing to participate in this year’s kickball league to attend a one-day jamboree which is to occasion the start of the league for better acquaintance. The LKF boss made the announcement at program marking the official closing ceremony of its 2011/2012 national kickball league over the weekend in Monrovia.

 The LKF authority at the 2011/2012 national kickball closing ceremony awarded cash prizes and certificates to the three winners of its 2011/2012 national kickball league.

The winners of the 2011/2012 LKF league are: Amazon Girls’ Kickball Team, champions of the 2011/2012 LKF league. She received a cash prize of L$18,000; Heartz Girls, second place winner received L$10,000 and Aries kickball team, third place winner received L$5,000.  All of the three teams were certificated for their outstanding performances in the 2011/2012 LKF league.

Mr. Kollie described the just 2011/2012 national  kickball  league, which  started with a total of 12 kickball teams,  as a success and hope that more teams will participate in the new league to make it  more competitive. Speaking further, Mr. Kollie disclosed  that each team wanting to participate in the 2013 LKF league will pay  an amount of L$2,500. “This time around we are not going to waive registration since we have attached cost to winners, so people will register with just L$2,500 to participate in the league. We will use some of the funds to  train our referees and lift enthusiasm in the games amongst Liberians,” he added.  

 For their  part, the winners of the 2011/2012 LFK league lauded the authority of the LKF for attaching importance and seriousness to kickball game in post conflict Liberia.  The winners said the kickball league is one of the ways in which young woman can make use of their talent and feel important in the new Liberia there by promoting unity, peace and prosperity not only amongst women and girls, but also their male counter parts


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